Monday, October 14, 2013

Yay exchanges

Hi all,

The BEST thing happened last week was EXCHANGES! Since my first exchanges with Sister Prows, I always wanted to have exchanges. Last Tuesday night, we were told that I was assigned to go to Cougar Mountain for exchanges with Sister Crockett. But since I hurt my back later that night, I got an appointment to fix my back the next day, so I ended up staying in my own area with Sister Prows, and my companion went to Cougar Mountain. I was quite happy with hurting my back as I got to have exchanges with Sister Prows again, which I have been waiting for more than 2 months. We went on exchanges after having interview with President Choi on Wednesday afternoon. Being with Sister Prows is the BEST ever! She totally understood what I had been struggling with. She told me that she could tell I became much stronger because of the 3 rough months. She still clearly remembered how nervous I was about knocking on doors when I first went on exchanges with her. And I will never forget how she helped me overcome that fear in less than 24 hours. We went tracting with Emily that evening, and it was indeed a good time. We got some really interesting responses from people also. When we knocked on a door, a man came out and shouted at us "Don't you guys have something better to do?". He then slammed the door. We were kind of laughing actually, and we came up with different response that we could have given that man, such as "well... if you let us come in, you can teach us how to use our time more wisely" and "Nothing is more important than your Salvation". Tracting with Sister Prows and Emily was indeed FUN! We got 4 lessons in an hour. I usually loved having Ward Correlation, but that night I seriously hoped that I could spend all night knocking on doors. Since I became a trainer, I had been struggling with daily planning, so I told Sister Prows that I would need some help with it. That night we prayed and planned together, and amazingly we were able to plan out for 3 weeks in 30 minutes, and we went to bed on time. She was just soooooooo amazing! And I learned a lot from her during companion study the next morning. I wish that exchanges could last for a month instead of 24 hours...

I don't remember if I had ever mentioned about an Asian family, who was our eternal investigator. They first met missionaries years ago and were taught everything, but they still haven't been baptized. We talked with them and found out that the mom hadn't received an answer if the Book of Mormon was true yet, but she said that she would be baptized if she knew that it was true. I first met this family back in June, and I did develop great love for them. This family was amazing, and I actually thought that they were members when I first visited them. Their son has finished 4 years of Seminary and is now studying in BYU. They were just like a Mormon family. Since they loved both the Elders and us, we have been taking turn to visit them. We reviewed the Restoration with them last Moday, and the Elders followed up with them and invited them to Church last Friday. And they were at Church yesterday! They used to go to Church about once a month before I came out, but they later stopped attending Church. But I'm glad that they have lots of member friends and love missionaries. We will try to go by this evening to share with them "In His own time, in His own way" from August 2013 Ensign talking about how to receive personal revelation. I really have been praying for them that they will know the truth for themselves.

Yesterday was Fast Sunday. And I did share my testimony:)

I know that the Church is true. I know that the fulness of the Gospel was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith. Hope you all have a good week!


Sister Leung

P.S. The weather here in Seattle is PERFECT! It's about 14 degrees Celsius:) And I'm still wearing short sleeves!

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