Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The BEST week on my mission

Hi all,
Last week was just absolutely wonderful. Both my companion and I agree that last week was the best week on our missions. We had many member present lessons and saw many miracles. As a result, this email is going to be long.
Last Tuesday, I went on exchanges with my Sister Training Leader Sister Nelson. She is just an amazing sister. She is an obedient and hard-working missionary. We had lots of fun by working hard and talking with EVERYONE. I was never good at talking with everyone consistently. There were days that I did good, but most of the time I would pick and choose. Before we exchange back, Sister Nelson asked me what goal I would want to set. Without even thinking about it, I just said "Talking with everyone about baptism". After I said it, I realized that it was not going to be an easy goal, but I would just do it since I said it. Yes, so I have been talking with everyone about baptism. Some people completely ignored us, but I would just keep talking until they walked away. They have their own agency, but I am not fulfilling my purpose if I don't even mention the word baptism.
We had 23 member present lessons last week! (Normally we don't have more than 5) The reason that we had so many is because a 16 years old member from the Tongan ward came out with us for 3 days! She is the most awesome 16-year-old I have ever met. She has a strong testimony in the gospel and loves to share it with everyone. My companion and I didn't really need to go up to talk to people as she was always walking in front of us and handing cards to people. We stopped to talk with an old man sitting on a bench. Once we told him which church we were from, he started yelling at us and saying mean things about the church. I was about to just bear testimony and leave. But this 16-year-old was very bold and told him to listen to our message, and she even gave him a Book of Mormon. When he said he didn't want to take it, she said "You are going to take this book, and you are going to like it, and you are going to read it!". My companion and I were just shocked. This girl taught us so much about boldness. After saying a prayer with that man, we left. A few hours later, when we walked in Subway to have dinner, we saw that old man through the window. He was still sitting on that bench by himself. And this 16-year-old told us that she got a feeling that she had to go talk to him again, and then she ran across the street to talk to that man. My companion and I watched her through the window the whole time. After about 15 minutes, she came back and told us that that old man had tears when she shared a scripture from the Book of Mormon with him. I don't know how she did it, but what she did reminded me of the importance of following the promptings of the Spirit. This girl is absolutely amazing! And I can totally see her being a great full-time missionary 3 years from now.
Yesterday was my second Sunday in the ward and was my first time meeting the Stake President. He asked me right before Sacrament meeting began if I could talk for a few minutes. It was my first time giving a talk without any preparation. I prayed and spoke whatever came to my mind. Surprisingly, I was not shaking or nervous. I bore my testimony and talked about member missionary work. Hopefully our members would become even more missionary-minded. And the investigator that I mentioned last week came to church yesterday! She liked it and felt very welcomed. She received a Priesthood blessing from the Bishop after church to help her quit smoking. She has set a goal to be baptized on September 20:)
Last night, we had a Member Missionary Fireside in the Bellevue Stake Center. It was great! Our on date investigator and her roommate both came and enjoyed it. Sister Pingree, Sister Eaton, and I did a musical number in front of hundreds of people, and it went really well. Since it was my last time to see my trainer Sister Boyd before she goes home next month, I pretty much stayed with her the whole time (I still stayed within sight with my companion though). We talked and laughed and took pictures after the fireside. I was about to cry when it was time to say goodbye. Well, I did weep a little bit. Anyway, it was a very spiritual meeting. I enjoyed hearing those recent-converts' testimony. They just reassured me that the work that I'm doing is the most important work ever. I know that the fulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ can only be found in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I love being a missionary and am going to be working diligently each day until it's time for me to get released.
Have a good week everyone!
Sister Leung
I still miss the time serving with these 3 wonderful people in Somerset.

With my trainer Sister Boyd

With my second trainee Sister Matheney

With my first trainee Sister Whetten
With my companion Sister McBride

With Sister Pingree and Sister Prows
I LOVE them so much!

I don't even remember how many times Sister Pingree and I have performed together.. maybe 10?!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Defend your beliefs with courtesy and compassion

Hi all,
This past week was pretty good. We were staying busy most of the time. I'm trying to learn the area as quickly as possible as my companion is going home after this transfer.
Our Bishop and Ward Mission Leader are awesome! One of our investigators met with Bishop last Wednesday. She told us that she really appreciated how Bishop was willing to listen to her and was not judgmental. She has had a rough past but desires to make changes in her life. Her older brother, who is an active member in another stake, has been really supportive also. She agrees to start talking the discussion from us and wants to be baptized. She has been smoking for many years, so we need to teach her the Word of Wisdom as soon as possible. I believe that she will be able to quit smoking as her faith in the Lord increases. Nothing is impossible with the Lord's help.
Both my companion and I really want to have some baptisms this transfer. We have committed ourselves not to let anyone walk by without having the chance to hear the gospel. We talked with everyone we saw this past week.

 Last Saturday, we went contacting in Downtown Burien. We talked to people at the bus stop, and we met an anti person. He told us how Mormonism was a cult and just went on and on. He also spoke really loudly so that everyone on the street could hear him. We just had a Zone Conference a few days before it and were reminded to be bold and courageous. So I boldly testified to him that I knew that this Church was true and how he could also know for himself if he would read and pray about the Book of Mormon with a sincere heart. He totally wasn't listening. He continued to attack the Church. I bore my testimony three more times before we walked away. I don't think anything I said changed his mind, but I know without a doubt that I did what I could to defend my faith. I really love what Elder Jeffrey R. Holland said in this past General Conference: " I say to all and especially the youth of the Church that if you haven’t already, you will one day find yourself called upon to defend your faith or perhaps even endure some personal abuse simply because you are a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Such moments will require both courage and courtesy on your part" I used to let those anti people say whatever they wanted to and leave when they would finally stop talking, but I have realized that I am not fulfilling my purpose as a disciple of Christ if I don't even bear my testimony of this restored gospel.
I will be home from my mission 4 months from today. This is really scary to me. I will continue to enjoy every moment of my mission. It truly has been a blessing to be able to serve a full-time mission. My testimony in the restored gospel has skyrocketed , and my love for the scriptures has increased tremendously. Hope you all have a great week!
Sister Leung

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I'm now in SEATTLE!

Hi all,

I don't even know where to begin to be honest because this past week was just extremely crazy and stressful. Last Wednesday, my companion finally had to go home to have her knee fixed. I was really sad that she had to go home but was happy that she could really figure out what happened to her knee. For the whole day, I was working with my sister training leader Sister McEntire and her companion Sister Boyd (she was my trainer!) in their area (Beaverlake area). Nobody ever told me to pack anything, not even a night bag. We all had no clue what was going to happen. After waiting for hours and hours, I finally just called the Assistants to ask them what I was supposed to do, and they said that I had to pack everything and to stay with them in their area until transfer. Since we found it out at 7:45pm, there is no way we could drive back to my area to pack and then go back to their area. So they had to pack a night bag and to come stay in Overlake with me. Thursday is our weekly planning day, and I had to do it by myself. It wasn't easy. And I used both my lunch and dinner time to organize stuff and pack. I didn't get a lot done. Since we were also told that we would need to clean up the whole apartment, we stayed there until Friday afternoon when we had everything done. Finally, we drove back to Beaverlake area and stayed there until this morning. Those few days were just really exhausting. BUT I absolutely enjoyed my time serving in Beaverlake. I never thought I would like being in a trio, but this trio was just amazing! I got to learn a lot from both Sister McEntire and Sister Boyd. I was glad that Sister Boyd and I got to be companions for a week after not serving around each other for almost a year. It was fun to see how much we both have grown. We have become so much bolder now!!!! And with Sister Boyd, you just don't need to worry about what to eat. Food will always be on the table:) I didn't cook at all when I was a companion with her last year. Last night, we all were nervously waiting for the transfer call. I felt like I would get transferred, and yes I did. I would miss the Chinese couple that I was teaching. The husband wants to be baptized so badly and he is really ready for it, but his parents still don't agree with the idea of tithing. I'm grateful that I got to teach him all the lessons and know that he will be baptized in the near future.

I got transferred to the Normandy Park ward in the Seattle zone! My companion is Sister McBride (from Arizona). Both Sister Boyce and Sister Boyd have served in that ward before, and they have told me how great that ward is. I'm really excited about seeing miracles in this area. At transfer, President Choi asked all the missionaries who would be home by the end of this year to stand up, and of course I was one of the many. He asked us not to have any conversations about home, school, boyfriend/girlfriend until we got released unless he asked us to. He said that it would help us stay focused on missionary work. It's going to be challenging for many missionaries, but I do know that President Choi has been called by God to be our Mission President, so whatever he says is a commandment of our Heavenly Father. I only have 4 months left. It's crazy how fast time goes by when you are on your mission. I have committed myself to bearing my testimony of the Book of Mormon to every person that I will come in contact with. I know that this Church is true and am grateful for the opportunity to be a full-time missionary. Yesterday, I experienced the highest temperature in my life! It was 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius). This Summer has been much hotter than the one last year. But we just gotta keep working hard because this Church is true! 
This is the first edition of the Chinese Book of Mormon!

All the sisters in the Bellevue zone

With Sister Capener. She went home today. I miss her tons.

With Hermana Larson. She also went home today.

With Sister McEntire and Sister Boyd:)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Half day in SOMERSET

Hi all,
I honestly don't have a lot to share because we have been staying in since last Wednesday. Yes, we didn't go out at all because my companion's right knee has been hurting really bad that she can't really walk. She has always had bad knees and has already had a few surgeries in her life. We have been to the doctor a few times these past two weeks, but nothing has changed.
I never thought that staying in the apartment would be this boring. All I have been doing is watching missionary training videos (I can now recite the whole movie...), catching up in my journal, and knitting. I'm so glad that I learned how to knit from a member last transfer. My scarf is very long now. And watching my companion suffer from endless pain is just heartbreaking.
There was a leadership council last Friday, so all the leaders' companions would need to go on a half-day exchange. So the night before, our District Leader called and asked if I would want to go on an exchange. At least I would be able to work for a few hours, and my companion could just sit at the mission office. I wanted to work but was also nervous about being on an exchange with people that I didn't know or in a place that I wasn't familiar with. We had to go to the mission office that day anyway as we were going to swap our car with another set of missionaries. While waiting at the mission office, I heard the Assistants telling Sister Lee to stay in Somerset with Sister Salabo for exchange. SOMERSET (My first area)!!!!!! I immediately told my District Leader that I would love to go to Somerset for an exchange. He had to get permission from the Assistants, and thank goodness they said yes. No word can describe how happy I was.
We first went home to do our studies. The Somerset sisters were living with one of my favorite families - the Taumoefolau. I was sooooooo happy to see Brother and Sister Taumoefolau again and to be able to talk with them for a few minutes. Brother Taumoefolau even made us lunch. He is just always so nice. After lunch, Sister Lee called Sister Kim (a member in the ward) to talk about the lesson that they would have. And then she handed me the phone so that I could say hi to Sister Kim. It was so fun to be able to talk with her for a few minutes. She is just the best member missionary I have ever met.

We then went out to visit some potentials and to tract. We got to meet and share the Book of Mormon with a Taiwanese family. The son told us that he was Christian and wasn't interested in the Book of Mormon. But for sure we wouldn't just stop there. We told him that the Book of Mormon testified of Jesus Christ and bore our testimony of it. He accepted the invitation to read it and allowed us to come back. Since I had to use the bathroom, we drove to the church. As we were leaving, we saw a lady sitting at the parking lot by herself, so we went up to talk with her. She wasn't a member of the Church and was just there having her lunch. She didn't even know that she wasn't at a parking lot of the LDS church. She said she didn't agree with "the teaching of Joseph Smith". There is no teaching of Joseph Smith but teaching of Jesus Christ. She tried to show us how the Book of Mormon contradicted the Bible, but she really didn't know much about the Bible and had never read the Book of Mormon. Three of us knew that we couldn't get any farther with her, so we just bore our testimony boldly and left. Since Sister Lee is Korean speaking missionary, which means she covers the whole mission, we went to the Transit Center in downtown Bellevue to contact. I went there quite often when I was serving in that area. We talked to about 10 people before we had to exchange back, and ... half of them spoke Cantonese... We still talked to them in English since I didn't speak any.
This half day exchange in Somerset just made my week so much better. I didn't get to visit members but by just being in that area, I already felt soooooo happy. Seriously, no word can express how much I love that area.
I hope you all have a great week and stay cool. I bet it's really hot in Hong Kong right now.
Sister Leung
Last District Meeting of this transfer

Exchange with Sister Salabo and Sister Lee in Somerset:)

My scarf is now much longer that what you see from the picture.