Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Half day in SOMERSET

Hi all,
I honestly don't have a lot to share because we have been staying in since last Wednesday. Yes, we didn't go out at all because my companion's right knee has been hurting really bad that she can't really walk. She has always had bad knees and has already had a few surgeries in her life. We have been to the doctor a few times these past two weeks, but nothing has changed.
I never thought that staying in the apartment would be this boring. All I have been doing is watching missionary training videos (I can now recite the whole movie...), catching up in my journal, and knitting. I'm so glad that I learned how to knit from a member last transfer. My scarf is very long now. And watching my companion suffer from endless pain is just heartbreaking.
There was a leadership council last Friday, so all the leaders' companions would need to go on a half-day exchange. So the night before, our District Leader called and asked if I would want to go on an exchange. At least I would be able to work for a few hours, and my companion could just sit at the mission office. I wanted to work but was also nervous about being on an exchange with people that I didn't know or in a place that I wasn't familiar with. We had to go to the mission office that day anyway as we were going to swap our car with another set of missionaries. While waiting at the mission office, I heard the Assistants telling Sister Lee to stay in Somerset with Sister Salabo for exchange. SOMERSET (My first area)!!!!!! I immediately told my District Leader that I would love to go to Somerset for an exchange. He had to get permission from the Assistants, and thank goodness they said yes. No word can describe how happy I was.
We first went home to do our studies. The Somerset sisters were living with one of my favorite families - the Taumoefolau. I was sooooooo happy to see Brother and Sister Taumoefolau again and to be able to talk with them for a few minutes. Brother Taumoefolau even made us lunch. He is just always so nice. After lunch, Sister Lee called Sister Kim (a member in the ward) to talk about the lesson that they would have. And then she handed me the phone so that I could say hi to Sister Kim. It was so fun to be able to talk with her for a few minutes. She is just the best member missionary I have ever met.

We then went out to visit some potentials and to tract. We got to meet and share the Book of Mormon with a Taiwanese family. The son told us that he was Christian and wasn't interested in the Book of Mormon. But for sure we wouldn't just stop there. We told him that the Book of Mormon testified of Jesus Christ and bore our testimony of it. He accepted the invitation to read it and allowed us to come back. Since I had to use the bathroom, we drove to the church. As we were leaving, we saw a lady sitting at the parking lot by herself, so we went up to talk with her. She wasn't a member of the Church and was just there having her lunch. She didn't even know that she wasn't at a parking lot of the LDS church. She said she didn't agree with "the teaching of Joseph Smith". There is no teaching of Joseph Smith but teaching of Jesus Christ. She tried to show us how the Book of Mormon contradicted the Bible, but she really didn't know much about the Bible and had never read the Book of Mormon. Three of us knew that we couldn't get any farther with her, so we just bore our testimony boldly and left. Since Sister Lee is Korean speaking missionary, which means she covers the whole mission, we went to the Transit Center in downtown Bellevue to contact. I went there quite often when I was serving in that area. We talked to about 10 people before we had to exchange back, and ... half of them spoke Cantonese... We still talked to them in English since I didn't speak any.
This half day exchange in Somerset just made my week so much better. I didn't get to visit members but by just being in that area, I already felt soooooo happy. Seriously, no word can express how much I love that area.
I hope you all have a great week and stay cool. I bet it's really hot in Hong Kong right now.
Sister Leung
Last District Meeting of this transfer

Exchange with Sister Salabo and Sister Lee in Somerset:)

My scarf is now much longer that what you see from the picture.

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