Thursday, October 31, 2013

New area. New people.

Hi all,
This past week has been pretty good. I'm still trying to get used to this new area and my new companion. Having the experience of training last transfer, I felt like I have been doing a better job this time. At least I have been more patient. And I have been trying my best not to bring everything from my last area to here as they are different areas. I'm grateful that we have two awesome Sister Training Leaders to help us. Sister Prows is one of them. She has been my Sister Training Leader since I came on my mission. I'm so happy that we got transferred to the same zone. She knows me really well.
Every companion is different. And I know that Heavenly Father places them in my path for a reason. My new companion is a big worrier, and she admits it. I have been trying not to stress her out. I have learned to pray more often as I really had no idea about this new area. And I know that the Sister Training Leaders did receive inspiration from the Spirit that they called us about coming over to our apartment to help us with Weekly Planning. We were really struggling with planning the day before. But we are now doing better.
I had a hard time staying focus last Saturday. I was thinking that I wouldn't meet the people I used to the next day at Church. I have really been missing everyone in my last area. I felt really welcomed in the new ward though. A lot of members came to shake my hand and asked where I was from. And almost all of them had the same response when I told them that I was from Hong Kong. They said "Wooooooow! That's so cool". And some members shared with me their experiences of visiting Hong Kong. There is a member from Hong Kong also, so hopefully I will be able to speak my native language again by practicing it with her.
I'm still trying to focus on people in this area instead of thinking of people in my last area all the time. I'm willing to serve where the Lord wants me to, but making changes isn't easy at all. But I know that I can be a better missionary each day with the help of the Lord. We are going to have a baptism this Saturday. And I will write more about it next time. I hope you all have a good week.
Sister Leung

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