Saturday, September 28, 2013

The WORST week ever

Hi all,
As you read the title of this entry, I think you can tell that I had a really bad week. And I really think that it was the worst week since I came out. My companion and I did get along 2 weeks ago, but last week we had TONS of argument, more than I've ever had with my first companion.
Well... I'm not going to write what we argued about as I couldn't even remember. All I know is that we argued a couple times every single day. And I was frustrated with everything that I just wanted to go home. Last Thursday, I think I cried twice in the morning if not more, and I asked Elder Larsen for a Priesthood Blessing. I felt a bit better after that, but my companion and I still didn't talk to each other. And I have to admit that I really didn't want to talk to her at all. The only thing she said to me that afternoon was "Do you want to check the mail?" when we went home for dinner, and of course I said yes. That day was soooooooo bad that I really felt like I would get a letter from my cousin Elder Leung. His letters always came on the worst days! I opened the mailbox, and I saw a letter from him, and it put the first and the only smile on me for that day. I'm still wondering why all his letters came on my worst days. It can't be coincident. And in his letter, he shared with me his thought about being a trainer, and he told me that his trainee remembered that I complimented his Cantonese at the MTC. The world is so small.
Last Saturday was the 3rd Saturday of a month, so we had the "Why I Believe" breakfast at Brother Schiel's home again. This time we got so many people to come! It was a great time for investigators and less active members to get to interact with members, and of course the food was soooooooooooo delicious. It was definitely the best breakfast since I came on my mission. And the best part of this breakfast is that each time a member would share his or her conversion story with us. We as missionaries always teach people what the Restoration is, but sometimes hearing testimony from members is so much more powerful. I'm grateful for Brother Schiel's effort on hasting the missionary work in this area.
Well... I really don't have much to say about the last week except the word "FRUSTRATING". I still have lots of letter to reply, and I will try my best to write as many as I can today. But I will definitely 100% reply all letters. You all have a wonderful week.
Sister Leung
"Why I Believe" breakfast

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