Wednesday, September 11, 2013

3rd transfer!

Hi all,
Today is transfer day! My companion got the phone call on Sunday night telling her that she would be transferred! So we have been trying to visit as many people as we can for both yesterday and this morning. This morning, we met up our Elders on the Temple ground to take pictures, and when we were about to leave, a man just came up to talk to us. He is from Federal way, and he told us that he would meet missionaries tomorrow for the first time. He has had some hard times in his life, and he came to the Temple to feel the peace. The Elders didn't really stay to talk with him as they thought it would be kind of weird for 4 of us talking with him at the same time. Sister Boyd and I stayed to talk with him and answer his questions. He told us that he has been baptized in another Church, but he still has been searching the truth. He also asked questions about where we came from, so we got to share a bit of the Plan of Salvation. He asked us if God loved everyone. We could tell that he was desperate. We testified to him that Heavenly Father loved us unconditionally, and we could always turn to Him even though we made mistakes in our lives. He appreciated for what we told him, and he was looking forward to talking with missionaries from the Federal Way mission tomorrow. I know that there are some people that are truly seeking the truth! I love being a missionary as I know how much joy the Gospel can bring us.
We got to the mission office at 2pm for transfer. I was told this morning that I would just get a new companion instead of training, but.... my new companion has just finished half of her training, so I'm training her this transfer!!!!!!! WOOHOO:) I'm very excited about it even though I'm a bit nervous. But I know that God will provide me a way to do it. And I know that I will be inspired by the Spirit to know what I should do. I don't have much time left as we have to do our groceries! Talk with you all next week.
Sister Leung

The Zone leaders said nobody got packages as often as I did :D

Taking pictures before transfer

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