Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Miracles after sincere repentance

Hi all,
We just had an awesome weekend! We had 2 big miracles in two days! WARNING: This journal entry is going to be longer than most entries.

Last Saturday afternoon, I got a call from Dan (name changed) whom we met a week before. He said that he would want to come to Church! I was on exchanges with my Sister training leader Hermana Pingree, and she told me to set up a church tour for that day, so I did. That evening, we and the Allen's, the senior couple, took Dan on a church tour. Dan is Korean and has no Christian background. I still remember how hard it was to talk to him on the street. We testified to him that God was there, but he said that he wouldn't believe in it until he saw him. We just invited him to check out mormon.org and to call us if he had any question. Honestly, I never expected that he would call us back. The church tour went much longer that we thought it would be as Dan had lots of deep questions about God and Jesus Christ. I was so thankful that the Allen's were there to help answer his questions because I didn't know the answers to half of his questions. When we were sitting at the chapel feeling the Spirit, Dan asked us about the afterlife. His parents had passed away and he missed them so much. Sister Allen bore her testimony that we would see our loved ones again, and Dan started to cry. The Spirit was definitely there! At the end of the church tour, we asked him why he would want to come to church. He told us that he just wanted to know if God was really there. This man really does have a sincere desire to search for the truth. And he committed to come to church the next day.
On Sunday morning, we got out from a meeting early so that we could go check on a Chinese family and could make sure that they would come to Church. Hermana Pingree and I committed them to come to Church when we were on exchanges on Friday. This family only lived two blocks away from the church building. We knocked on their door but nobody answered. I was really really disappointed. We went back to Church to see if Dan was there and he wasn't. I almost cried. As we started singing the opening hymn, the Chinese family walked in! They seemed to be happy to come. The kids got a bit bored at Sacrament meeting (They are only 7), but the parents were totally listening to the talks. After Sacrament meeting, lots of people came to introduce themselves to this family. Primary workers took the kids to class, and they had lots of fun there. The parents went to Gospel Essential class with us, and they liked it! They said that we could come back on Saturday to teach them. We had been stopping by this family once a week for two months, and they finally have become our investigators.
After lunch, my companion and I decided to find Dan! He had committed to go to the new member fireside with us that evening. New member fireside is a great opportunity to let investigators feel the Spirit. My companion and I had never been to one as we got no one to go with us (As missionaries, we need to bring at least one investigator to go). Ever since we knew that the fireside would be held at the Bothell Stake Center, we started finding people to go. We both had served in Bothell, so we just had extra motivation to find someone to go. We knew that Dan usually hanged out in the library, so we went there to look for him. It was a huge library, and we walked through all the floors, but we didn't find him. We then drove around downtown Bellevue, still we didn't see him. We were sitting in the car thinking about where he would be, and we got a text from Elder Allen saying that he got a hold of Dan and would take him to the new member fireside! My companion and I were so happy that we had tears.
Since our Mission President and his wife are Korean, we introduced Dan to them before the fireside began. We heard lots of great testimony from people who recently got baptized. Dan seemed to enjoy it.
My companion and I struggled to find and teach at the beginning of this transfer. We had two really rough weeks, but we tried our best to remain faithful and put our trust in the Lord. And the day before we got a call from Dan, we both focused on repentance when we prayed even though we were on exchanges. We have gained a testimony that as we repent and pray for forgiveness, Heavenly Father will bless us with miracles. When I was younger, I hated to admit my mistakes. But now I know for sure that we can't hide our sins from Heavenly Father, and we can find greater peace and joy as we repent. And as missionaries, our worthiness definitely will affect the effectiveness of our work and other people's salvation. Don't waste the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Repent daily.
Sister Leung
With Sister Allen and Sister Bingham. They are the senior missionaries. And they are AWESOME!

Crisp for lunch!:)

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