Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Many good things happened!

Hi all,
We had a GLORIOUS week! Lots of good things happened. First of all, I got 5 letters last week, which had never happened before. I got long letters from my cousin and my best friend Sister Leung on the same day:) These two letters definitely made my week.
I know my last email was kind of depressing as nothing was happening and people were rude to us. My companion suggested counting our blessings, and as we did it, we realized that our week wasn't really that bad. And the biggest blessing for me this transfer is that I get along with my companion super well!:) She is just WONDERFUL! I don't really know how she can be happy all the time, but it really has helped me a lot, especially in the evenings when I was tired.
At the beginning of this week, we decided to let go of the past, so that we could focus on the work again. And lots of good things happened. I was on a half day exchange in my area with Sister Monks and Sister Lee last Friday as my companion had a leadership council. We contacted at the Transit Center and met a Chinese lady. We first talked to her in English, but then she asked me if I could speak Mandarin, so I started talking to her in Mandarin by myself. I told her about the Church service and gave her a pamphlet. When she saw the word "Book of Mormon" on the pamphlet, her attitude changed and she said to me "You guys are not Christians". To be honest, this is my least favorite response when talking to people. This time I was bold to tell her "LISTEN! We are totally Christians". I then told her that we did read the Bible and explained to her why we needed the Book of Mormon also. She said that she would read the Restoration pamphlet. She then started asking me some personal questions like how I became a member and where I was from. When I told her that I was from Hong Kong, she said "Your Mandarin is great!". I know that I could talk to her about the gospel in Mandarin only because the Spirit was there helping me:)
Brother S. in our ward told us that one of his friends, Sister L,  had learned from missionaries about a year and a half ago and wanted to get baptized. But he really didn't believe that his friend would quit smoking, and for some reasons missionaries didn't go by her house anymore. He told us that he still didn't think that his friend would sincerely make changes in her life, but he said that it might be great if we could just stop by to visit her. So we did. Sister L was really nice to let us in. She asked us lots of questions, but they were all gospel related. And she was willing to listen to what we had to say. She had read the Book of Mormon but didn't understand how to gain a testimony of it. So we shared with her how we came to know that it was the word of God. She even had the Restoration video herself! She just didn't know how to use the DVD player, so my companion and I figured it out for her. She said that she always wanted to watch the Restoration video. I DO believe that people change. 4 years ago, I didn't want to go to Church or read the scriptures or pray. (I basically thought that I knew better than anyone else) But now, I'm cheerfully proclaiming the restored gospel and boldly testify to people that the Book of Mormon is true.
Yesterday was Fast Sunday. My companion suggested fasting for something specific. So I suggested fasting for the opportunity to teach someone or a family that has just lost a loved one. Before my mission, whenever I watched the news seeing people losing their loved ones because of earthquake or any kind of disasters, I would think "I wish they knew that they could actually see their families again". I know the Plan of Salvation can give these people hope and strength. So we both fasted for it. And MIRACLES happened! At church, Sister Z came to us and told us to go see her old neighbor who lost her husband. And during our finding time, we met Kathy (name changed) and talked briefly about the Restoration. She was busy with taking care of her daughter at that time, so I was thinking about giving her a Restoration pamphlet. I didn't have one in my bag. When I was about to ask my companion if she had one, I just got the feeling that I should give her the Plan of Salvation pamphlet that I had in my hand. I didn't know why I should give her that one as we didn't even mention anything about it. But I did as I know that Heavenly Father knows better. When my companion offered to say a prayer and asked what things she could pray for, Kathy said she just had a loss in her family. So we testified to her that families could be together forever and how she could understand God's plan more through reading the pamphlet that we just gave her. I know that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers. I  know that He has provided us a way to go back to live with Him again.
Next week is transfer week, so P-day will be on Tuesday.
Sister Leung


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