Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Faith brings forth miracles

Hi all,
Last week was a pretty rough week. I just got a new companion last Tuesday and realized that I didn't know the area as well as I should. Getting along with companions, for me, is the hardest thing ever. We are doing fine at teaching together, but it will definitely take us time to develop a better teaching pattern. My companion and I couldn't really teach in unity until our 8th week together. And once we felt like we could work well together, she got transferred. But I do know that I'm going to learn a lot from my new companion if I would humble myself.
We went finding most of the time as we really didn't have lots of investigators to teach. And one evening, everyone was so rude to us. We didn't get to talk to anyone after tracting the whole street. My companion prayed that we would at least get to talk to one nice person. The next door we knocked on, a young lady came out and talked with us. She had faith in God but didn't go to a church. She was so nice to us even though she didn't seem to be interested in our message. However, she said that we made her day as she was having a rough day. And we told her that she made our day also! Suddenly I got a prompting that I should share Alma 36:27 with her, so I did. She loved it and asked me how she could find that verse. So I gave her an overview of the Book of Mormon and invited her to read Alma 36. She accepted the invitation. I don't know if she will be interested in learning more or will get baptized anytime soon, but I know that it was a miracle that we met her after the prayer.
I used to think that miracles have to be something really big, but I now understand that if we are mindful of our surroundings, we can always see tiny miracles in our lives.
Last night, we finally got to meet with one of our investigators. We hadn't seen her since Christmas Eve. She told us that her family went to a Christian Church that morning. She said that she felt bad that she didn't go to our Church. She told us that her family had been saying to go to a church for more than 3 years, and they wouldn't have gone to a church if we hadn't visited them. She also said that she liked our visits and members of the Church but didn't think our Church fit her lifestyle. My companion and I started telling her more about the Book of Mormon and its role in our conversion. We testified to her boldly that all churches had part of the truth, but only The Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints had the fullness of the Gospel. We promised her that she would know if our message was true if she read and prayed about the Book of Mormon. We invited her to read Alma 32, which was about faith. She accepted the invitation, and we are going back this Sunday to teach her more.
Missionary work requires lots of faith. When I was little, I hoped that God could appear to me and told me that the Church was true, but of course it never happened. As I study the Book of Mormon every day, I have come to understand that miracles cannot bring forth faith. Lots of people in the Book of Mormon like Laman and Lemuel saw miracles, but they were never converted to the Gospel. I know that if we have faith in God and obey His commandments, we will be able to see miracles, tiny or big,  every day.
Sister Leung

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