Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Conclusion​: A rough transfer

Hi all,

Today is the transfer day. I'm done with my first transfer already. These 6 weeks has gone by so FAST. My companion and I are going to stay together for this transfer also. I'm glad that I don't need to be a trainer before I finish my 12 week training. Sadly, one of our Elders, Elder Vang, is being transferred. He is just an awesome missionary, and he has influenced my life for the better. I admire his personality that he can enjoy doing everything. When he knew that I didn't want to go on exchanges, he just said "It's fine. Learn to love it". And I did enjoy the exchanges a lot. And now when my companion doesn't really want to go tracting, I will just say "It's fine. Tracting is fun". He has taught me a lot by his example. I don't think the Elder coming to our area would be an Asian :(
Since we couldn't email before transfer even though we were staying in the area, we went shopping and met with the Elders to take pictures around the Temple. We had lots of FUN together. It has been a great time serving with them in Somerset.
The past week has been ROUGH. Most of our appointments fell through, and the only serious investigator we had wasn't progressing...... And my companion and I have had a hard time working together. # days after I got here, I already knew that we were totally different people. She thinks that I'm the hardest person to get to know in the world because I don't speak a lot. Well, I can only say that I don't like speaking just for speaking, I prefer being quiet if I don't have anything to say. And she asked me if there was anyone that I just "clicked" with at once. Well, I couldn't think of anyone except Puipui. We have been working on teaching as a companionship also since she felt like she dominated during lessons. That was true sometimes. We just have a lot to work on, and I guess it may be the reason that we are staying together this transfer.
In the past I didn't understand how important it was to have members present when teaching investigators, now I can say that it helps a lot! We have been visiting a Korean lady, she was taught by missionaries a year ago and has filled out her baptismal paper but her husband wouldn't let her join the Church. But I was glad that she wasn't baptized yet as we found out from visits that she didn't even know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was the only true church. She still thought that it was fine to go to any church. We couldn't communicate with her sometimes because she didn't speak much English. A few weeks ago, a Korean family, the Kim family, moved to our ward, and they were excited about missionary work. Sister Kim served her mission years ago, and she told us that she has been praying for opportunity to help hasten missionary work! She came with us to visit the Korean lady yesterday, and it turned out so well! Sister Kim shared her conversion story, and she could translate the message we shared also. And they now become friends. Sister Kim not only helps us with teaching lessons, but also gives us referrals. If every member of the Church can be like her, I'm sure we will have lots of lessons to teach and won't need to spend so much time on knocking on doors and talking with people on the street. And it is what missionary work should be.
My companion said that she felt sorry that I had such a rough first transfer. It's fine. I know that I have gained a stronger testimony because of the hard times I have had. And I know that all experiences I had or will have on my mission will help me a lot for the rest of my life.
Sister Leung
 Back (from left) Elder Yeip (Our amazing District Leader), Elder Bailey (Came out with me from the MTC), Elder Flake (He's CRAZY)
Front (from left) Elder Hicks (Companion of Elder Flake), Sister Boyd (my companion), Me (The only Asian)
 Our Elders had a baptism last Saturday!
 From left: Elder Atherley, Elder Vang, Me, Sister Boyd
We had a great time serving in the Somerset Ward together!
 They are amazing! They have helped me and my companion a lot including changing our flat tire.
 We had lots of FUN taking pictures around the Temple.
Our last picture before transfer :(

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