Wednesday, July 24, 2013

24 hours can change everything

Hi all,
The past week has been a great week. To begin with, I need to say thank you to all who wrote me letters or postcards! I seriously didn't expect that I would receive so many letters and postcards on my mission, and I'm glad to know from letters that my friends have been reading my mission blog. Thank you for all the support, love, and prayers. I still have at last 6 letters to reply... I only got to reply one last P-day, I'm going to try my best reply all as soon as possible! But I can promise that I'll always reply your letters. This is a sure thing.
Last Monday night, we planned to visit a family. They first met missionaries 6 years ago, and they have been taught all the lessons. But they never committed to be baptized. We wanted to talk about it with them but we could only stay at their house for 15 minutes in order to get home on time. So my companion asked me to pick a scripture that could touch their hearts. I prayed about it, and soon after that Alma 36:27 was on my mind again. My companion thought that it would be a good one also, so we shared with the family. The mom was touched by it. She didn't usually talk much, but she asked me where the scripture was because she wanted to highlight it in her own Book of Mormon, and she had tears in her eyes. The dad really loved that scripture also, he said that it would be perfect to share with anyone as we all had our own trials. I'm glad that this scripture softened their hearts a bit. I hope that the whole family will get baptized someday.
Last Thursday, we went on exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders. That morning, both my companion and I were hoping that they would forget to call us as we didn't want to go on exchanges that day. We had planned to have Temple Walk with a less active member that night. And I even prayed that I didn't need to go that day, but still I asked Heavenly Father to help me go on exchanges with a good attitude if it was something I needed to do that day. And of course we had exchanges that day after our 3 hour weekly planning. My companion stayed with the trainer in our area, and I went to Cougar Mountain area with Sister Prows. We talked quite a lot in the car, and she asked me what my greatest fear had been so far. Of course it was knocking on doors. She said that she was gonna fix it within the next 24 hours before exchanges ended. I was thinking "Are you sure you can fix it?". But she did it. I HAVE NO FEAR OF KNOCKING ON DOORS AFTER BEING WITH HER FOR 24 HOURS! It was an amazing experience. I don't have much time left, but I'm gonna share some of the experiences with you all.
We first went to an investigator's house. She had problems with keeping the Word of Wisdom. Sister Prows said that she would teach the lesson, but at the end of it, I had to extend the commitment of baptism. She said that she would keep looking at me if I didn't say that... For the whole lesson, I was paying attention to both Sister Prows and the investigator so that I could guide by the Spirit to know when I should invite her to be baptized. And I did it at the end of the lesson. And the investigator said YES. She is now on date for August 17. It was my first time inviting someone to be baptized! I feel so good about it.
That night, we went to knock on people's doors. Sister Prows really had no fear at all. We knocked on a guy's door, he said that he wasn't religious at all. Sister Prows started teaching him the Restoration on the doorstep, and she even gave out a Book of Mormon, a card, and the Restoration pamphlet to that guy! He said that he would read them all for sure. And I gave a closing prayer before we left. I was totally amazed by how she could keep talking even though people said they weren't religious or they went to other churches. After a few doors, she said that she wasn't going to say anything when the person opened the door, I had to do all the talking. I just said OKAY. At that point my fear was gone already. Seeing how bold Sister Prows was totally changed my perspective of knocking on doors. It actually wasn't that scary! :) She shared with me 2 Timothy 1:7 when we had companion study the next morning. It says "For God hath not given us the Spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind". I have no doubt that all the fear I used to have was from SATAN!
I didn't expect that the exchanges would help me that much. 24 hours were enough to make a huge change on my mission! Knocking on doors should be EXCITING and FUN as you will eventually find someone that is prepared for the gospel!
My companion got us a FLAT TIRE again last Friday evening. It was the SECOND time within 3 weeks. She hit a curb while making a U-turn. At first we didn't notice that the tire was flat, we still made it to the house of a family of our ward. But when we left, we both knew from the sound that the tire was completely flat for sure! So we ran back to the members' house to ask for help because my companion was too embarrassed to call our Elders for help again. We shared a spiritual message with the members, but they gave us ice water, let us use their bathroom, and even changed our tire. I told my companion that it probably was the most experience spiritual message they have ever had. The members even followed us to make sure we got home safely! I'm so grateful for their help!
Taken after we changed the tire. My companion said that the tire center was her second home! I have no doubt about it.
Talking about ward members, I need to say that they all are very good cooks! Our dinner on Sundays and Mondays are always taken care of! So I've already been to several members' house. All the food I've had was soooooooo great! And they all noticed that I did eat a lot. I can eat at least two times more than my companion usually.
This week is the last week of my first transfer. It is my 6th week already! Since the next week is the transfer week, the P-day will be on Tuesday instead of Monday. So talk to you all later:)
Sister Leung
P.S. I just got a hair cut by a member of our ward this morning! It was the fastest hair cut I have ever had.

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