Saturday, March 30, 2013

Until we meet again

You're gonna be set apart as a missionary for 18 months in less than 24 hours. How exciting it is! Feeling nervous? When you read this, I'll almost have to wake up to go to town (and no access to wifi soon), and you'll not be contactable by phone or Facebook anymore when I'm back from town. So I just wanna tell you something more (as you told me the other day that you needed encouragement) before you leave for the MTC.
I know that Heavenly Father is happy about your decision, and He'll always provide a way for you to fulfill the tasks that He wants you to. There is no doubt that there's gonna be lots of trials and hard times, but things will work out at last when you get on your knees and humble yourself to pray for help and guidance. Just remember the most important things - the Atonement, the Spirit, prayer and scripture study. Also, don't forget what President Gordon B. Hinckley has once said: "You want to be happy? Forget yourself and get lost in this great cause, and bend your efforts to helping people." It's the Lord's mission, not yours. I bet you still remember what I told you few days ago: "Obedience brings blessings, but exact obedience brings MIRACLES." Always try your best and follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost. I'm looking forward to your letter as you said that you'll write me first. I promise that I'll be writing letters to you throughout your entire mission, and I'll write as much Chinese as I can. (at least 80% Chinese in each letter, okay?)
I'm so glad that we had our last SKYPE within the next two years tonight. Talking to you always brings me lots of joy. I laughed so hard during our conversation. And I'm happy that we ended our chat with laughter. I know that the longer we're apart, the merrier we'll be when we reunite.
You'll always be in my thoughts and prayers. And I shall see you in 2015. Good luck on your mission. I love you as always.

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