Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My dearest Sister Leung

Time always passes quickly! This girl's going to be set apart in a few days. And I just want to write her something on this blog before she leaves for her mission.
No words can express how grateful I'm for having met you in my life! I still remember how I was afraid of you at first LOL You just didn't look quite friendly to me at first. Few days later, seeing me walking around in the hale at midnight, you asked me if I was locked out. Yes I was. And you kindly invited me to your room to wait for my roommate to come back. We then started our first conversation.Sadly, I can't remember how and when we became good friends. Please let me know the story if you remember. 
Have I ever told you that I really enjoyed spending my summer break with you? You're a person that is always so fun to be with! I totally like going to town, having delicious food, cooking, shopping, and even going to the WATER PARK with you! You kept saying how powerful you were as nobody thought that I would go to the water park. I'm so afraid of WATER!
But I did have so much fun at the water park! And I do think that we should go there again when we are both back from mission. Thanks for FORCING me to go with you.
I believe you've known me pretty well already, and for sure you know that I'm not a beach person that I'd rather spend my time at the library. (weird me) So I really think that you should be thankful that I've gone to the beach to enjoy the sunset with you! HAHAHA!
Let's go to the Sunset beach together in 2015!
We continued to have lots of FUN even though the Fall semester was really tough for me. The English 201 class almost killed me! Thanks for always asking me to relax and have fun instead of staying at the library for 8 hours every day.

One of my favorite pics
Thank you for your faith in the Lord and your example. Thank you for going to the temple with me to pray and study the scriptures whenever I need it. Thank you for encouraging me to keep praying and asking for guidance if I should serve a mission. Thank you for cheering me up when I almost died at the library. I can't ever thank you enough. But most importantly, thank you for being one of my best friends and "brother"!
Sister Leung. Canada Vancouver Mission.

Soon after the Fall semester began, I kept saying that I wanted to go home for Christmas. Before I came to Hawaii, my parents said that I was not going home until 2014 summer break. But I begged my mom for letting me go home for Christmas so that we could spend the Christmas break together. And at last we went home together for Christmas; I mean we were on the same flight! It was my first time flying with a friend!
 I've no doubt that you're gonna be a wonderful sister missionary. Your smile and strong testimony are gonna touch people's heart. There will be lots of hard times, but at least we can encourage each other for good through letters and emails. GO BAPTIZE VANCOUVER!
P.S. Don't forget that we're gonna SKYPE this Saturday afternoon (HK time)
I love you to pieces.

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