Monday, April 1, 2013

Last Fast Sunday in the 9th ward

Ever since this semester began, I've been counting down how many days until I go home. Everyone knows that I want nothing but going back to Hong Kong. The day I've longed for is coming real soon, and today is my last Fast Sunday in Hawaii (not coming back until 2015 Summer) I am supposed to feel excited about leaving, but I just feel sad, and all my excitement I've had is gone.
The most beautiful place in Hawaii
It is my 4th semester studying at BYU Hawaii (which means I've been here for 1 year and 3 months), but I've never given a talk nor shared my testimony in the sacrament meeting. The testimony meeting this morning was my last opportunity to speak to the whole ward, so I told my friend Olivia last week that she needed to push me to share my testimony if I changed my mind suddenly. When bishop passed the time to ward members, I immediately stood up to be the FIRST one sharing the testimony. It did take me lots of courage indeed as I had no confidence in speaking to so many people in English, but I made it today! I shared my testimony about going on a mission: After President Monson announced the age change of missionary, I decided to find out if I should serve my mission even though I had no desire for it at that time. My best friend (Sister Leung who is going to leave for the MTC in a few hours) went to the Temple Visitor Center with me, and we found a quiet corner to pray and study scriptures. After several hours, I told her that I couldn't feel anything. She remained silent for awhile, then she told me that maybe I was worrying about too much. What she said did inspire me! I was worrying about money and lack of knowledge about the gospel. That night, I prayed that I would be guided if I put my trust in Him instead of worrying about everything. The answer came soon. I had a strong desire to serve a mission that I knew it wasn't from me but Heavenly Father. From the letters I've received from my missionary friends, I know that serving a mission is never an easy task, but we have to remember that Heavenly Father's plan is not always easy, but its always the best for us. I know that the Church is true. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I'm so grateful for Prophet Joseph Smith who has restored the true gospel.
Olivia and I with the missionary couple
Today was also my last temple prep class. (Coming Sunday is General Conference) I'm so grateful for the missionary couple that has been teaching us. I can always tell that they're so happy because of the gospel in their lives. And Bishop came in during the class to talk about the temple recommend and missionary work. I like what he said, "Stop looking at the mirror but the people around you, you'll have a better life." When bishop said that he was so proud of us and was going to miss us with tears in his eyes, Olivia and I just started crying. My excitement about going home turned into sadness instantly. I still remember that I was so worried about moving into this ward before the Fall semester began, but I have to say that I fell in love with this ward in a second. Believe it or not, I've never met such a wonderful bishopric in my whole life! I can't imagine how hard I'll cry on my last Sunday.

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