Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Aloha `Oe

It has been more than one day since I left Hawaii. Who would have known that I would cry even harder than I first left home for studying at Hawaii as people around me know that I like cold weather and city life? I did not expect that either.
After celebrating the graduation of my friends, I started feeling sad about leaving. I wish I could graduate with the friends who came to BYUH with me at the same semester; however, it would not be possible. They will have graduated already by the time I come back from my mission. Knowing that I am leaving for an important and righteous purpose did not make me feel any better, at least until this moment. I was, and I am feeling upset.

Yesterday was my last Sunday in the Laie YSA 9th Ward. I could not concentrate on the talks during sacrament as I was trying hard not to let my tears drop off. I was very sad that I was going to the airport after the sacrament meeting. I indeed love this ward, and I always count being part of this ward as one of the greatest blessing I have been given. I had never loved going to church that much like the past two semesters. I still vividly remember my first Sunday in this ward. That day, my roommate and I were a bit nervous as we did not know if we were going to love the new ward and new people, or just wanted to go back to the old one. Soon after bishop started bearing his testimony, my roommate and I looked at each other, and we both thought that we were going to love this ward. We love this ward and the people indeed. This wonderful ward led by an amazing, humble, caring, and funny bishop and his awesome counselors made me LOVE and ENJOY going to church even at 8am. And I am very grateful for my calling as a pianist in the ward; it not only helped me be at church on time, but also gave me an opportunity to serve others. When I was playing the closing hymn, my tears dropped off as I knew that we were going to sing the Aloha `Oe soon. I really do not like this song as I cry whenever I sing it. This time, I could not even sing it as I was crying like a baby already.
We're all leaving this great ward.
With some very sweet girls
The BEST bishop ever!
I know that missionary work requires a lot of sacrifice, and I count leaving my beloved friends as one of them. Saying goodbye never gets easier no matter how many times you have experienced it. My roommate Julia and a few very good friends went to the airport with me. I was happy that they went with me as it meant that I could see them a bit longer, but it made saying goodbye become even harder and more sorrowful. My eyes are still sore now. I have been crying during the flight, and even though I forced myself to sleep, there were tears on my cheeks when I woke up an hour later. I do not like Hawaii a lot, but I LOVE THE PEOPLE THAT I HAVE MET AT BYUH.
This semester was the hardest one ever because of the linguistics class and TESOL class, but I am thankful for having an awesome study group. I cannot imagine how I could have gone through it if I had not got them. They already made this horrible class easier. I miss the time we reserved the study room 182 for 12 hours to study for the exam (but spending at least half of the time talking). I miss the time we had study group at 5 in the early morning. I miss the time we taught each other about the chapters. I miss the time we went into the testing center together. I wish I could study with you guys for the LING 377 class. Good luck buddies. You guys always have my support, and you all can beat the class.

I miss you all!

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