Monday, May 20, 2013


Last Saturday morning, I finally went through the temple. And now I totally understand why people say that the temple is the heaven on earth, it is indeed. And I'm so grateful that there is a beautiful temple in Hong Kong, and it only takes me an hour and a half to get there. Inside the temple, I could feel the peace and love from my Heavenly Father. I was comforted. You may not know that for the past two weeks, Satan has been working so hard to make me feel low, and I didn't have confidence in myself that I could be the kind of missionary that the Lord wanted me to be. Satan is tough, but I know that if I rely on the Lord, Satan won't stand a chance. I know the Church is true without a doubt. I love this gospel. And I love my Savior.

  I'm so glad that my BYU Hawaii friends came to support me 
even though 9am session was quite early.
      With my mom and my uncle

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