Wednesday, April 3, 2013

One step closer to entering the House of the Lord

Last night, I met with bishop for my temple recommend, but I still needed to meet with Stake President before I can get it. Thinking that lots of people would need to meet with Stake President, I went to the Stake Center at 7:10 even though he would not start the interview until 9pm. Nobody was there. For the next one and a half hours, I was patiently waiting and was preparing for my linguistic presentation tomorrow.
I enjoyed the time meeting with Stake President. I could feel the Spirit! I still remember I thought he was a bit scary when I first saw him, but I changed my thought instantly when I met with him for the mission paper. He is indeed a great man! And I will miss him a lot.
Now, I'm looking forward to going through the temple in Hong Kong. I feel so blessed to have the true gospel in life.
With President Hannemann

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  1. 恭喜妳!期待去接受恩道門的日子!見證這個重要而特别的時刻!Love you!<3 *^o^*