Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The restored gospel changes lives

Hi all,
This past week was wonderful. My companion and I were working really hard that we were exhausted at night. The Lord definitely rewarded us for our hard work as we had 3 people at church yesterday. Our on date investigator Sandra (name changed) and her roommate Lauren (name changed) came to church yesterday! It was Lauren's first time attending a church service. She didn't grow up with any religion but is now interested in learning more about the restored gospel as she recognizes that it makes Sandra much happier. Sandra is on date for baptism for September 20. She has to stop smoking for 3 weeks before she can get baptized. She stopped smoking this past Saturday and has been doing great. On Friday night, my companion and I were kind of worried and nervous as we would need to postpone her baptism once she relapsed. The next morning, Sandra called us and told us that she was excited about quitting smoking, which really amazed us. From her voice I could tell that she was ready to do it. We had a lesson with both Sandra and Lauren last Saturday night, and we could tell that Sandra had much more energy that she used to and the light in her eyes was brighter than before. I am so impressed by her desire and determination to quit smoking. She told us that she had tried to quit many times before but never succeed, but this time she decided to put her trust in God and ask for His help to do it. She even brings her scriptures to work so that she can read them when she wants to smoke. I know that the restored gospel of Jesus Christ can change lives! I am go grateful to have seen all the progress that Sandra has made within these 3 weeks.
Besides Sandra and Lauren, we have been working with Ethan (name changed), a 17-year-old who used to be the Elders' investigator. Since we don't have Elders in our ward anymore, we are the ones teaching him. He has already been taught all the lessons and apparently has a testimony of the Book of Mormon. But he isn't baptized yet because he thinks he needs to learn more first. He was worried that we would be disappointed or mad at him because he kept postponing his baptismal date, but of course we were never mad at him. He is the most awesome 17 years old boy I have ever met in my life. He is really serious about the gospel and always has great questions to ask. He has been going to the library each day and reading the Book of Mormon there. He just wants to finish reading the entire Book of Mormon before getting baptized. There is nothing wrong with it. And we know that once he joins the Church, he is going to be strong and faithful and won't fall away. I would like to share with you how he started investigating the Church as this story is just amazing. Ethan has anxiety and used to have serious depression that he couldn't even leave his house. Several months ago, the Elders tracted into him and gave him a Priesthood blessing after hearing his story and rough past. The next day, he walked across the street from his house. He knew that the Priesthood was real and desired to learn more about this gospel. Now, he is a young man who has a strong desire to share the gospel with others even though he is not baptized yet. He told us that some of his friends had some misconceptions about the Church and he was able to clear them. He even said to us the other day that no one could ever tell him that the Book of Mormon wasn't true. He will get baptized soon. I just know it.
I had an interview with my Mission President last week. The first thing he said to me was "Sister Leung, you have lost weight". I totally laughed. He then asked about my health as he knew that I didn't do that well in the heat, and it was the first time that I was able to tell him that I was doing just fine. The heat really hasn't been bothering me that much, and I have noticed that every time when I focus on helping my investigators to come closer to Christ instead of my own problem, I can be happy even when it's really hot. President Choi told me that he was very proud of me and knew that I would continue to do great things. I only have three and a half months left on my mission, but I know that I can still accomplish a lot of things if I will lose myself in the Lord's service.
I am truly grateful for this gospel and the opportunity to be a full-time missionary. There is nothing better than seeing the change in people when they choose to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. I know that Jesus Christ atoned for our sins that we may be able to live in God's presence again. I would not be able to serve a mission without the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and I will be forever grateful for His sacrifice. I know that only the restored gospel can bring true happiness. I hope you all will continue to share it with those around you. Have a good week!
Sister Leung

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