Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The second chance

Hi all,
This past week was rough. After two baptisms, we didn't have people to teach anymore. We tried really hard to find people, but we didn't have much success. Most people would not even talk to us. We do need to have some rough time so that we would appreciate all the good time we have. And I truly know that we grow more when we face our trials with faith. I know that Heavenly Father is going to lead us to people that are prepared to commit to baptism if we just keep working hard and are obedient. He often teaches us patience also.
My companion went home this morning. I really don't like airport. It makes me cry. Sister McBride and I had lots of fun serving together this past transfer. Her love for the people around her is inspiring. We just got back from transfer, and I'm now companions with SISTER WHETTEN! I was shocked when our names were shown on the screen. A lot of missionaries were shocked too. She was my second companion, and I follow-up trained her. Many people know that we didn't get along at all. So when I found out we would be companions again, all the terrible memories came into my mind that I actually started crying. I really wasn't a great trainer, and I said many terrible things to her that I wish I never had said. When we were driving back to our area, we both apologized to each other for the mean things we had done or said. I know that this time is going to be so much better. We both have grown a lot within the past year. Everything may still be hard, yet I know that Heavenly Father has given me this second chance to be a more loving, caring, and patient companion to her, and I'm going to take it.
Time flies when you are on your mission. I only have 12 more weeks to be a full-time missionary. I'm praying each day that I will be able to stay focused for the rest on my mission so that I can bring more souls unto Christ. This work truly is amazing. My last companion kept telling me that she didn't want to go home, and most missionaries are sad when it's time for them to go home. It really amazes me how many young people of this Church are willing to leave home for 18 months to 2 years to serve the Lord while most young people outside the Church are in college or are working. Being able to serve a full-time mission has been the biggest blessing in my life. I have come to understand the Atonement more and have grown to love the people around me. I know that my life is forever changed because of my decision to serve a mission.
Sister Leung
Last District Meeting before transfer

Me, Sister McBride, Annie (she comes tracting with us sometimes)

Me and Sister Whetten

Me and Sister Madsen (4th companion)

Sister Moulton and I (We went on exchanges once)

Me and Sister Pingree (She's the BEST)

Sister Matheney and I (3rd companion; 2nd trainee)

My trainer Sister Boyd and I (She went home this morning)

Me and Sister Prows (I wouldn't be as bold as I'm without her. She has changed my mission)

Last time seeing my trainer. She's the most patient trainer you can ever ask for.

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