Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Preach My Gospel

Hi all,
This past week was really slow. I mean, we still got more lessons that I ever did in any other areas. I guess the second and third week of this transfer was just SO great. My companion and I spent a lot of time contacting and knocking on doors because we needed people to teach. However, only a few people would talk to us, and none of them were open to listening to the message we had to share. Also, we met another anti-man on the street, and he just kept yelling at us and saying things about the Church that weren't true. I have to admit that I had no patience with him and finally said to him "That's enough!", and then we just walked away.
My companion and I both agree that our past week was rough because our investigator Sandra (name changed) was getting baptized this Saturday! We first put her on date for September 20, but since she has been doing so great with not smoking for a week and has been taught all the lessons, we asked for permission to let her be baptized a week early. She was super excited and thrilled when we told her the good news. Satan has been trying so hard to distract her though. Some of her friends weren't at all supportive and told her some anti stuff, which made her really upset. Yet, she is very strong and knows that she has made the right decision. I really can see the light in her eyes now. She is also very excited about receiving a calling after her baptism.
We have been inviting all the members to study from Preach My Gospel daily. It's a challenge from Elder Ballard from this past General Conference. ( This is not a book written only for full-time missionaries. All members can be benefited from it if they would all study it and prayerfully consider how to apply the principles into their member missionary work. So if you have never read this book before, start reading it today! This book is written by the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, and I know that they have all been called of God, so we can understand HOW our Heavenly Father wants us to hasten His work by studying this book.
This week we are going to do a lot of finding. It's not going to be easy, but I know that we can do it with the Lord's help. I also know that our mindset is very important. One of the former Assistant to the President said "If you go out looking for people to teach, you will find people to teach. If you go out and look for people to baptize, then you will baptize". It's all about our attitude.
Have a great week everyone!
Sister Leung

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