Thursday, August 22, 2013

Never fear men over God

Hi all,

I don't really know what I can share this time. We had some really good days and some really bad days last week.

Last Wednesday was Zone Conference. The night before that (I meat at 9pm), the Zone leader called us to ask if I could do the musical number at Zone Conference. My companion was the one answering the phone, and she told that I couldn't as there was no way I could do that the next morning without any practice. But the Zone leader thought my companion said YES for some reasons... I don't know how he could get it wrong. About 15 minutes later, he sent us a text "Sister Leung plays the piano. Elder Flake will sing". I was like "What!?" Elder Flake said he was going to sing "I need Thee every hour", and he asked if we could get to the Church building a bit earlier to practice. Well, I knew that I really didn't have any choice, so I said we would do it.

We got to the Church building at 8:30am the next day, and we went to the Relief Society room to practice. Our whole district was there to support us, and our district leader gave us some suggestion on how we could arrange the music as I really thought that it would be kind of stupid to sing and play the hymn directly from the hymn book. Elder Flake really had a BEAUTIFUL voice, we were all amazed by it. He never sang during district meeting though. We only got to practice for three times before the Zone Conference started. However, we did really great on the musical number! It was definitely a success:)

Our Wednesday was really a great day because of all the spiritual messages we gotta listen to; however, we had a really bad Thursday. It was ALMOST the worst day since I came on my mission. Every appointment fell through. Everyone that we planned to visit wasn't home. We went tracting under the heat and the rain for hours yet didn't get to talk with anyone. We were really frustrated when we went home. My companion asked me if I wanted to check the mailbox, and of course I would want to. And I got a letter from my cousin Elder Leung:) I have noticed that I got all his letters when I was having a bad day or a hard time. Thanks to that letter, that day wasn't the worst day.

The next day was a bit better as we continued to strive for exact obedience. We were taught that we should knock on every door and talk with everyone, but we failed to do so often. We knocked on so may doors during tracting that evening, but we didn't get to talk with anyone. While waiting for someone to come to the door, I prayed in my heart that I wanted to have at least one lesson if it was Heavenly Father's will. Nobody came to that door. We then walked up to the next one, but we heard that a family was having a dinner, and my companion was walking away from that door since she didn't want people to think that we were annoying. Nevertheless, I was thinking that the evening was our only proselyting time, and yes people might hate us for knocking on their doors during dinner time, but they would only yell us at most. What if that family was ready for the gospel? If they missed the opportunity to hear the gospel because we were scared of being annoying, we won't be clean on Judgement day for the work we have done. So I insisted that we had to go back to knock on that door. We did. A guy came out, and he was a Christian. We talked about some doctrines of the Gospel, and though we had some differences on what we believed, he was respectful. He didn't want to read the Book of Mormon, but still he said that we helped him understand more about the LDS Church. That guy was the only person that we got to teach that day. I'm grateful for the courage I had to knock on his door, and I'm amazed by how fast Heavenly Father answered my prayer.

I don't have much time left, but I wanted to encourage you all to read the Ensign. I like what elder Dallin H. Oaks said "We will get promptings of the Spirit when we have done everything we can, when we are out in the sun working rather than sitting back in the shade praying for direction on the first step to take. Revelation comes when the children of God are on the move". I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers in His own time and His own way, and he requires us to try our best first. I know that we shouldn't have any fear when we are doing the right things.


Sister Leung

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