Saturday, June 15, 2013


Hi all,
I'm running out of time actually, but I hope I can be able to tell you all how wonderful the MTC is. We're always busy, but we're all enjoying the class and the teaching practice. I'm getting much better in teaching. What I've learned is that the lesson is about helping the investigator to feel the Spirit. We don't use our own knowledge to teach, but we rely on the Spirit guiding us. I don't mean that we don't have to plan or study, but we need to listen to the investigators carefully to understand their needs. For once, a scripture just came to my mind in the time of need. I don't remember many scriptures but Alma 36:27 is always used in the past few lessons. Alma teaches us that believing in God doesn't mean that we don't have trials, but we can be supported by God. My companions were impressed by this scripture also, and I know that it can be applied to everyone as we all have trials. I actually learned this scripture in Elder Leung's letter! He's just awesome!
We had a Salt Lake City tour this morning, and it was just soooo spiritual and fun! I don't have time to write much in this email, but hopefully I can write another letter to you all today. I'm leaving to Seattle next Tuesday, and I just met some Seattle sisters few days ago at the cafe! I'm so excited about getting to know them more. I can't wait to leave to the field, but I also know that I'll miss the MTC so much, especially people in my district! They're just awesome! I'm in the GOLDEN district for sure. I'll miss all of them so much.
Hope you're all doing great. I'm cheerfully learning to be a better missionary every day. I love the gospel. I know that only the gospel can bring us eternal happiness.
Sister Leung










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  1. My dear Katherine is here with u guys !!!
    I am super happy !! Sister Leung