Sunday, June 9, 2013


Hi everyone,
It has been 3 days already since I entered the MTC! I'm doing great and am loving the people here. I had a companion from Argentina for the first day, but after having the language evaluation, I moved to another district, and I now have Sister Tsan and Sister Taunauta (from Tonga) as companions. We're getting along well. I miss my first companion though. She only knows a little English as she speaks Spanish only in her home country, and sadly I only know a little Spanish, so we can't communicate basically. I learned to be extra patient when talking to her. Even though we had hard times communicating with each other, I really like her a lot. And we now still see each other often at the cafe or somewhere at the MTC. Today is the P-Day. We went to the temple for the endowment this morning. The temple is just sooooooooo beautiful! No words can ever describe how beautiful it is! And one of the sister missionaries in our district just went through the temple for the first time this morning.
The MTC is indeed a great place to learn. I'm getting more confident in sharing the gospel to others. We will have the opportunity to teach an investigator tomorrow. I'm very excited. And we're going to try our best to prepare tonight. What I learned from the branch meeting last night is that the mission is not about us, it is about the investigator. We as missionaries have to let the Spirit teach the investigator through us! It's not easy to do I guess. I remember what Elder Holland once taught us: Missionary work is never easy because the Atonement isn't a cheap experience. I still have lots to learn. The day is always long, and we all feel so tired at night after lots of study. But I'm trying to enjoy every moment as I know that these 18 months will go by so fast. This is the Lord's mission, and I want to do my best and not to waste His time.
I don't have much time left, so I'll tell more next week.
Sister Leung


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