Friday, June 21, 2013

I'm now in Seattle

Hi all,
Today is my second day in Seattle. I'm doing pretty well. My trainer is Sister Boyd, and she is from Texas. We're getting along so well, we can basically talk about everything. She is pretty, sweet, friendly, and faithful. How lucky I am!
Last week, I was excited about leaving the MTC to go serve in Seattle. But when the day really came, I just felt so sad. I didn't want to say goodbyes to people in my district. They are some of the BEST people I have ever met in my whole life. And I was amazed that friendship could be built in less than 2 weeks. Sometimes life in MTC could be really hard as the schedule was full and we were all tired. But we would just give ourselves a break and laugh together. The Elders were all amazing and wonderful that they were always helpful. And they brought lots of laughter and joy to us, especially during lunch and dinner. I could keep laughing for 5 minutes and my stomach hurt so bad because I laughed too hard. I told them all that I would go visit them in their own countries someday when I have enough money. I just can't wait to see them all again someday.
The day before I left the MTC, I only slept for 4 hours. And when we got to Seattle, we had interview with the President, training, meeting new companions, and proselyting, I was sooooooooo exhausted! But I know that I'm here in Seattle to serve the Lord, so it was my first time ever in life that I didn't lose my temper when I felt tired! And we got to share a brief message with a lady from Taiwan called Susan. She couldn't understand much English, and we had a hard time helping her understand the Restoration. With the help of the Lord, I was able to translate some gospel terms to Mandarin for her, and I even said a closing prayer in Mandarin for my first time. We will meet with her again this Friday, hopefully we can find someone speaking Mandarin to go with us.
My P-day is on Monday, so talk to you all again soon.
Sister Leung

As you can see, here is a blog from Elder Pelera. His mom will be updating it for him. And you may be able to find out more about our MTC life on his blog. So check this out:)

Last temple walk at the MTC

we have the BEST elders in our district

Our last temple walk

The night before Elder Varela Pacheco left

Saying goodbye to our teacher Brother Matthews

Our teacher Brother Thorpe

My Tongan companion

Sister Zavala! She is CRAZY

With Sister Tsan and Sister Tam! We are all from HONG KONG

With Elder Gonzalez. He was our amazing district leader. He taught me Spanish and ate ice cream with me almost after every meal. And he asked me "Tienes hambre?" (Are you hungry?) all the time

With Elder Pelera from the Philippine​s. He is amazing

With Elder Aranda from Mexico. He taught me Spanish and I taught him Mandarin. He is just so FUN!

It was taken the night before I left. It was heartbroken to say goodbye.

With Hermana Christense​n from BYUH. She is the grandaught​er of my Branch President. Such a small world!

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