Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A fresh start.

Hi all,
Last night I got the call that I would be transferred in zone. I was kind of excited about it as I really did feel like I needed a fresh start, so I had been praying for a change for the past week. I'm happy to be in the Bellevue zone as it means I will still see Sister Capener a few times throughout the transfer because of zone meeting, zone conference, and zone sports day. Sister Capener is staying in the area and is training a brand new missionary. She was nervous about it, but I just know that she will do great! She truly is an amazing companion, and I feel so blessed to be able to serve with her for 3 months.
I'm now serving in the Overlake ward with Sister Payne. She is friends with my trainer Sister Boyd back home, was in the same MTC district with Sister Capener, and started training my trainee Sister Whetten (I finished her training) See all these connections? I had heard lots of good things about Sister Payne before we became companions. I'm excited to be serving here. I miss Elder and Sister Allen, the senior couple in my last area, but I'm glad that we have another senior couple here, Elder and Sister Bingham. I just LOVE to be around senior couples. They are my parents in the mission field.
I don't really know anything about this area yet. But Sister Payne just told me that we would have a lesson tonight with a progressing investigator. He has the desire to be baptized but is fear of water. I remember I was so scared about getting baptized when I was 8 because I didn't think I could put my head in the water. So hopefully I will be able to relate to him a bit and to overcome his fear.
Sorry I don't really have a lot to share this time, but I do get some pictures to share. Last week, Sister Capener and I did chalk finding! We drew the Plan of Slavation in downtown and wrote the church service information on the street. It was really fun.
I hope you all have a great week. And I'm sure I will have some adventure to share next time.
Sister Leung

We drew the Plan of Salvation outside the downtown park

Last District Meeting before transfer

At transfer. From left: Sister Matheney, Sister Capener, me
Sister Capener and I are Sister Matheney's "moms"

At transfer. Sister Payne, Sister Whetten, me
Sister Payne and I are Sister Whetten's "moms"

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