Wednesday, March 12, 2014

MIRACLES on a rainy day

Hi all,
Last week was a WONDERFUL week. My companion and I are getting along and are loving the area. Since my companion is a Sister Training Leader, she had to attend leadership council last Friday, so I went on an exchange with Sister Monks and Sister Lee, whose companions are also Sister Training Leaders. We all stayed in my area as it is close to the mission office. We street contacted on the way to the bus transit center. The bus transit center is an amazing place to meet people. We were there for less than an hour but got to teach 7 lessons! When we were about to have lunch, a member of the ward called us and told us that he was helping a lady who had investigated the Church before to move some furniture in. He thought it would be a great chance for us to meet her as we never caught her home. So we drove there and helped her to move the couch in. We got to share a scripture with her and set up a return appointment! :) MIRACLE!
Our District set a goal to contact 500 people on Saturday. We prayed that it would be a sunny day so that more people would be out, but it didn't happen. It rained for the whole day. I mean pouring rain. But we tried really hard to stay cheerful as we knew that the Lord could still create miracles under the rain. We went street contacting all day. We were soaking wet that we had to change during lunch time and dinner time. It was fun though. My companion and I used 3 languages (Russian, English, Mandarin) to contact. It was pretty awesome. Two of us together can actually street contact in 6 languages - English, Cantonese (I can still speak some even though I really have lost a lot), Mandarin, Spanish, French, and Russian. :D We didn't get to have any lesson during street contacting, but the Lord blessed us to have some awesome miracles. When we were at the bus transit center, we talked with a young man named Alan (name changed) who had been less active forever. He said that he wanted to come back to Church. While we were talking to him, I noticed that behind him there was a girl sitting on the bench waiting for the bus. I looked at her, and it was a familiar face! It was Kori (name changed). She was someone from the first area that I served in. She saw me also, and I ran up to give her a hug. We were so excited to see each other again. Her mom was investigating the Church so we visited them pretty often. Kori sometimes would sit on the lesson. She moved to Bellevue not long after I got transferred out of that area. I got her address and phone number so that we could visit her! I was sooooooo happy! It was definitely a miracle that I got to see her again after 5 months. Another miracle. That evening, we had a wonderful doorstep lesson with a teenager named Ben (name changed). I guess he was about 17, but he was really mature. He was really open to listen to our message and asked some really good questions. We got to share the whole Restoration with him and committed him to read the Book of Mormon. I know that the Lord will bless us when we have done our part. At the end of that day, our District with only 3 sets of missionaries had contacted 584 people.
I used to be terrified of street contacting, but I'm totally comfortable doing it now. I know that we don't need to be afraid when we are declaring the words of God. I would like to invite you all to share the gospel with those around you. The Lord has promised us that words will be given to us by the Holy Ghost if we first open our mouth to share His gospel.
Sister Leung
Street contacting in the rain can still be FUN if you choose to stay cheerful:)

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